Folklore challenges in Xylagani

The OurTown project team met recently in Xylagani Primary school to discuss the next stages of the project. We now have a process by which we can add multiple challenges to the same QR code and link the code to a geographical location using Google maps. Each time the user scans the same code, a different challenge will be presented to them.

Our next step is to continue creating a bank of challenges and linking them to the codes. We will be working closely with local schools and community groups so if you have an idea for a set of activities linked to specific places in your town please get in touch.

On the second day o the meeting we visited the Folklore museum of Xylagani, a beautiful old mill which had been given to the people of the town. The collection comprised of artefacts and photographs donated by local families to tell the story of their migration back to Greece and share their ways and traditions. The exhibits will be accompanied by QR codes with challenges for pupils relating directly to their own culture and history within the museum.