How many children can fit on the swing at the same time? Send us a photo! Find us on Facebook or tag #OurTownEU on Twitter and @ourtownapp in Instagram Photos.

A nice sit down

How many benches would you need so that everyone in your class, group or family could sit down?   Let us know on Social Media. Tag #OurTownEU on Twitter and @ourtownapp in Instagram Photos.  

Ring around the Bandstand

How many children do you need to hold hands to make a ring all the way around the bandstand? These children from YGG Pont Siôn Norton already tried!

Saer Cloeau

Sut mae allweddi a cloeon yn gweithio?  

Caffi Prince’s

Edrychwch ar y fwydlen, beth yw cost paned o de a darn o gacen?   Come and enjoy an Afternoon Tea at The Prince's Restaurant! Full details on the website – https://t.co/Af2FqxVR9n pic.twitter.com/1JKMIkYnXy — The Prince's (@ThePrinces1948) February 29, 2016